MY husband is a Hackney cab driver and recently picked up a young couple in Birkenhead town centre in the early hours of the morning.

They wanted to go to Upton and then on to Port Sunlight, my husband explained to them it would be cheaper to take two cabs.

But the young man was adamant he wanted to see his girlfriend home safely.

After dropping off the young lady, my husband was asked to take the chap to a cash point but he couldn't get any money out to pay his £22 fare.

He seemed a genuine sort, so gave my husband his mobile number and address and promised to get the money later that day.

However, needless to say, the number turned out to be false and at the address given, no-one was in and the neighbours didn’t know who lived there.

My husband has to work long hours to earn a not-so-decent wage and at the moment every penny counts.

I am on long-term sick leave recovering from cancer, not that this young couple knew that.

If this letter is printed I hope one or both of them read it and at least feel guilty – or better still drop the money off at the Globe office to send out to us.

Unfortunately, I know this will not happen.

Chris Beacall by email