I WAS shocked to read in the February 14 edition of Wirral Globe that parts of radioactive nuclear submarines may be stored at Capenhurst.

Michael Portillo MP said in The Times on June 13, 1996 (page two) that the old nuclear subs would have to wait 16 years until the underground storage site was ready in 2012.

It's now 2014 and the Government has not begun building the site, nor decided yet, where and how many storage sites there will be.

Having been to Capenhurst, when it was British Nuclear Fuels, I do not think the old humped-back bridge nearby could support such a heavy load.

As I understand it, the Department of Transport allows heavy, class-three loads upto 150 tons on ordinary roads.

As long as there are at least six axles on the transporter and wheel loadings are below nine tons per wheel.

I think the nuclear submarines would need to be shipped to Liverpool docks and transported via the Wallasey tunnel, along the M53 to junction five, the A550 Welsh Road, to Ledsham Lane and Capenhurst.

B Cunningham, Birkenhead