I AM writing to express my disappointment at the attitude of a number of shop keepers in Wallasey regarding accepting Scottish bank notes as legal tender.

I am originally from Wallasey but moved to Scotland a number of years ago although I do make regular trips home.

Before each trip home I try to ensure that I have changed my Scottish notes for English ones as I quite often have trouble getting them accepted.

Recently I had to make an unplanned trip to Wallasey due to a family member taking ill and in my haste to get home I hadn’t given any thought to changing my money.

A trip to the Cherry Tree Centre in Liscard to pick up some provisions proved to be a lesson in utter frustration.

Four different shops (all local traders) refused to accept my Scottish notes for a variety of reasons ranging from 'We have no way of checking the notes…', 'We've not been trained how to check them' or 'We don't have to accept them as they are not legal tender'.

You would think that given the current climate that local shops would be desperate for trade rather than turning customers away due to poor training and/or ignorance of the shop staff.

Luckily the staff in Tesco had been properly trained as they accepted the money without batting an eyelid.

So come on local traders of Wallasey. Do your homework, train your staff and stop turning away trade from visitors from North of the Border.

Andy McDonald, Peebles