HERE we go again, Merseyside Fire and Rescue has already lost 14 appliances (33%) since last September and further cuts planned due to yet more budget reductions.

Instead of this piecemeal dismantling of the service, why doesn’t the Government simply privatise it, similar to the way many local council services have been since 1980?

Private industry seems to be the only organisation that can provide more for less to comply with Government ideology and still make sufficient profits for their shareholders to receive dividends.

Any organisation has to have a little “fat” to cover for unforeseen circumstances such as staff illness or even personal injury, maybe industrial injuries incurred in the work place.

If there is one profession where the potential for injury occurring in the work place is most likely, despite their highly-professional training, it’s the fire service.

Surely what we should be looking to do is increase the number of stations, appliances and full time firemen and women, so we can all sleep easy.

I’d willingly pay considerably more than £5 a year to help those less fortunate just in case they needed help too. Save and help improve our public services, they don't operate on profit margins.

John Griffiths, West Kirby