THE abolition of West Kirby and Upton fire stations is a very dangerous proposal.

For once I think all political parties in West Wirral, as well as any chambers of trade and neighbourhood societies, should join forces to fight this ludicrous and physically dangerous proposal.

The idea is insane because of the practicalities. Having one centralised fire station in Greasby means West Kirby will suffer, because there is no easy direct route from Greasby to West Kirby.

The obvious place for a fire station is right where it is now – in West Kirby – to ensure no lives will be lost and property ruined by unnecessary delays.

I urge everyone living in West Wirral to contact all possible friends and business acquaintances to get them to throw their weight against this proposal.

And what is wrong with the fire station in Upton?

It is very well-positioned in a place which makes Greasby itself, Upton and Moreton easy to reach.

Evelyn Campbell-Smith, Greasby