LIKE most dog-owners, I always clear up my animals, but lately there has been an increase in dog fouling on the Wirral Way.

While walking to Thurstaston on Sunday, I was passed by a woman jogger with two dogs in tow.

Both of these dogs fouled the Wirral Way but as their owner was unaware, it was never cleaned up.

I am sick of people who let their dogs off the lead and don't monitor what they are up to.

It’s not fair their mess is destroying a pleasant walk for others, not to mention the dangers dog mess poses, especially to children.

Why doesn’t the council enforce the law? The warning signs are nothing but a waste of time and are no longer a deterrent.

Please people, if you have a dog, clean up after it. If you let it off the lead, then keep a check on it.

The Wirral Way is not a toilet for your dog!

A disgusted dog-owner, Heswall