FRANK Field is right about the "growing chaos" surrounding the bedroom tax.

He highlights the Government's ignorance about the effects of the policy and that is indeed deplorable, if not too surprising.

It provides further ammunition for the growing campaign, long supported by the Green Party, for immediate abolition.

The bedroom tax is causing needless hardship and distress to the least well-off in society, many of whom have disabilities or are chronically ill.

Two thirds of those affected, or 350,000 in total nationwide, are either disabled or have a long-termillness.

Disability charity, the Papworth Trust, reported this month that one thirdof disabled people affected by the tax have been refused emergency financial assistance and manyof them arenow cutting backon essentials including food.

Tens of thousands have been wrongly charged, and some of these have been evicted.

Jim McGinley, Green Party