LAST Monday, while visiting Soccer Loco in Bromborough, my friend's 15-year-old daughter suffered a sudden and unexpected epileptic seizure soon after arrival, in which she fell to the floor, hitting her head.

I would like to say a special “Thank You” to the members of public who helped my friend and her daughter, especially the doctor from Alder Hey Hospital who was there with her own family, and another lovely lady who rang for the ambulance and waited outside for paramedics to arrive.

They were absolutely wonderful and so kind to my friend and myself- offering their time and help.

We never got to see you all before we left for the hospital to express our gratitude.

All the staff at Soccer Loco were so helpful during what was a frightening episode and have invited us all to return to make up for our children's missed football session. My friend’s daughter was taken hospital and released later having made a complete recovery.

It’s so nice to know there's so many lovely helpful people kind people on Wirral.

Sandy Costall by email.