I AM absolutely sick of out-of-control dogs and arrogant owners.

Dog ownership requires commonsense and common courtesy to others.

Dogs being off lead is a privilege, (and one which I enjoy) but it doesn't mean your dog can run riot.

It still has to be under voice control, you must be able to recall your dog.

You should never let dogs run up to dogs on lead, and never let dogs pelt over at a dog in the distance; this is how fights or fatalities happen.

Today, thanks to a man who allowed his two dogs to firstly jump all over a cockle-picker on Egremont Beach, then after they saw my dogs, to chase my Chihuahua puppy off the beach, where he promptly ran away.

Police need to clamp down on dangerous and out-of-control nuisance dogs and their owners so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful beaches, woods and parks Wirral has to offer.

Gemma Ahearne, Oxton