AS your local MEP I would like to voice my concern with the expansion of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology being used by Merseyside Police Matrix Serious Organised Crime unit.

We in the UK already have more CCTV cameras per head than anywhere else in the world including the likes of China and North Korea.

I know they say that the innocent need not worry but as civil liberties group Big Brother Watch says; these cameras will 'seriously undermine your privacy.'

While we are assured that these cameras won’t monitor speed and will only collect data from cars reported as uninsured or involved in a criminal act what are that chances that in a few years down the line this situation will change without public notification?

Could these cameras eventually be used to more aggressively punish a motorist for drifting just outside the speed limit?

Will they turn into a police cash cow like current speed cameras?

There are too many questions that must be answered.

Paul Nuttall, UKIP Wirral MEP