NOW the New Year is well under way, what have we residents of Wirral and Merseyside got to look forward to?

In Wirral, thanks to national and local Government and their shortsighted insensitive decisions, we have: Closure of our much-used essential fire stations at West Kirby and Heswall.

It is an established fact that without our LOCAL fire crews and stations, lives certainly would have been lost. Closure of these stations is certainly putting lives at risk in the future.

Possible closure of our muchloved Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead – a unique famous gallery which has many great Master paintings, which seemingly have been sold-off or shoved into the cellars to make way for so-called contemporary art.

More cuts for our local main hospital, as if they do not have enough to deal with.

Even though it has a new grand entrance, much is happening inside the hospital due to ongoing cash cuts, staff shortages, longer waits in A&E, bed crises etc.

All this and it’s only January, this space...

Charles F Barnes by email