FURTHER to the two letters published recently: Not a Penny and Wrong message at Christmas with implicit criticisms of Esther McVey, I would like to share my experience of dealing with Wirral West's MP.

I wrote asking Ms McVey's advice about a friend's desperate situation: A retired pensioner-carer-housewife with a rapidly deteriorating dementia-suffering husband, who was informed that neither she nor her husband qualified for free "point of delivery" health service.

This is in direct contradiction to Government boasts.

I was astounded to receive a three-page reply telling me how, under this administration, there are now 1,300 more midwives, 5,700 more doctors, 6,800 fewer managers and rehearsing all the well-known details of caps of liability to pay, etc – none of which information was of any help whatsoever to me in advising my friends.

A party political and platitudinous answer to my sincere request for advice.

I wrote to her again, expressing my disappointment, and naturally have received no reply.

Mike Corfe,West Kirby