I WAS met by an anxious gentleman in Morrisons car park, West Kirby at around 6.15pm on Tuesday, January 7.

He told me he had failed in his attempt to help an old lady to her feet. She had fallen over in the adjacent Wirral Council-managed car park.

I found her sat on a kerb towards the Salisbury Avenue pedestrian entrance. She was upright but she said she couldn’t move her left leg.

Being concerned about risking further injury and distress, I told her I was not going to move her but I was going to run over to Morrisons to get them to call an ambulance.

As it was cold and windy, I wrapped my coat around her before I dashed off to raise the alarm.

Luckily, a first-aider was in the store. She came back with me, bringing blankets. The first call for the ambulance was made at 6.30pm.

A "good Samaritan" had arrived and he was trying to make telephone contact with some next of kin on her behalf. I found out that the injured lady was 99 years old.

I also noticed that the council car park was unlit.

Add the state of darkness to the point where she fell and it doesn’t require much imagination to realise that had the car park lights been switched on, this lady would probably not have fallen.

Sadly, my story doesn't end at this point.

It took at least five further telephone calls from various sources, the assistance of a couple members of Morrisons staff, a friend or two plus the persuasion of a community police officer before the ambulance eventually arrived at 8pm.

Whether I reach the marvellous age of 99 or not, I sincerely hope that I never find myself in a similar state that this poor lady had the misfortune to encounter.

Graham by email.