I HAVE just read Geoff Barnes' article Wirral – where Englishness was born?

Wirral Archaeology have been researching and conducting fieldwork on this suspected battlefield over some four seasons to date, and we are now accumulating strong evidence for a Wirral location.

There is great interest in this subject around the world, and the true location has long been forgotten.

Steve Harding has put the case for Wirral very strongly, and the placename evidence is compelling.

However, we believe we are the only group to have conducted archaeological fieldwork in order to recover archaeological evidence from the ground.

Those who favour other locations appear not to have done so, so there is no physical evidence to support other locations.

We have items of the 10th Century, including blade fragments, arrowheads and other finds, as well as three otherwise unexplained deposits of human bone.

Given that the battlefield would have been looted by the victors, our finds represent a significant density in the area studied to date.

We have also taken into account place-names and folklore of a very localised nature, and these also strengthen the case for a Wirral location for the Battle of Brunanburh … Wirral’s Waterloo?

Peter France, Wirral Archaeology