I WOULD like to address the comments made by someone who witheld their name and address in a letter published in The Globe on February 20.

This letter was about dog owners and dog mess left in a litter bin in Hoylake.

While I agree dog owners should clear up their dogs mess I don't agree with the statement "Dog ownership should be seen for what it is, anti-social, selfish and inconsiderate towards other members of society".

How dare this person tar all dog owners with the same brush!

I am a dog owner, this person doesn't know me!

This person has no right to say I am inconsiderate, selfish and anti social!

I also see they too own a dog, is this how they also see themselves?

There used to be signs up for dog mess 'bag it, bin it', there needs to be more places dog owners can put their dogs mess.

The council is making so many cuts so I doubt they will provide more bins for dog mess so people should just take it home and dispose of it in their own bins.

So this person needs to think before they speak, at least the dog mess was bagged and not left in the road or on the pavement for people to step in. I clear up after my dog and I am a very responsible dog owner.


Karen Bluett