COUNCIL Tax increases, council job losses and cuts in services are always very regrettable particularly for those whose jobs disappear and for other dependant on such services.

However, I welcome the proposed stopping of the £100,000 a year grant to Tranmere Rovers, presumably because they sport a Wirral logo on their shirts.

If they cannot muster enough supporters to keep them viable why should Council Tax payers do so?

To constantly blame "savage government cuts" , the mantra of many local politicians, avoids the real issue.

Central government is broke, bust, bankrupt and can only survive by huge borrowings which future generations will have to face.

If government were a commercial company it would have gone into liquidation years ago.

The cause is massive, uncontrolled overspending by previous administrations.

Thus, sadly, cuts are essential if the country is ever to get out of the black hole in which it is immersed.

Wirral Council itself has a long history of financial mismanagement for which no one has ever been held responsible.

The recent disclosure to the public of a further £28 million historic bad budget, whatever that means, is a scandal and I anticipate that once again nobody will be brought to account.

I am not at all surprised that a proposal to reduce the number of councillors, thereby saving £300,000 a year was rejected by the self-same councillors.
What turkey would vote for Christmas?

Charles Nunn,