TRAGICALLY, Wirral Borough Council are intent on closing one of the three large day centres at either, Moreton, Heswall or Eastham.

Parents and carers from all three centres, acting as one body are robustly opposing closure.

Over decades the centres have established strong community links reinforced by its users working as volunteers in local church enterprises and various companies.

The closure of any centre will cause immense distress to users and impact severely on family life.

When the as yet undisclosed centre closure was announced at last week’s council budget meeting, there was an uproar from the assembled ratepayers.

The council have based their priorities and budget proposals on the 'what really matters consultation.' 

Article 3.2 of their council budget resolution, refers to Stage one receiving almost 7,000 responses.

Stage two achieved 6,522 responses. In short only 7,000 people from the four MP combined constituency populations of 319,783 responded to their costly survey.

Fewer than 5,000 responded to the day centre question.

Yet this is the basis of their budget. In direct contrast, the submitted 'Save our centres' hard copy petition has 15,000 signatures-triple the amount of the council consultation figures; yet the democratic opinion of ratepayers are ignored.

The council's new corporate plan cites protecting the most vulnerable in our borough and tackling health inequalities, yet openly treats special needs adults with contempt.

We appreciate the boroughs financial position but the council leaders have made an appalling decision to the detriment of all the families involved.

We wish to thank everyone who signed our petition, please support our ongoing campaign by writing to the cold hearted cabinet councillors and urge a change of agenda before implementation on March 5.

Stephen McGreal,