I’D like to address my comments to R Peters, whose letter regarding the Wirral Egg Run appeared in Globe Mailbox on February 7.

This is the second (possibly third) such letter you have written in recent weeks, and I'm sure everyone in Wirral is now fully aware of your views.

Personally, I find it very sad that you are making such scathing remarks about an event that takes place on just one day of 365 and raises thousands of pounds for charity - as well as Easter eggs bringing happiness to children in Wirral hospitals and beyond.

Does it really bother you so much that bikers travel to Wirral from all over the country to participate in the Egg Run?

Maybe part of their enjoyment is, as you suggest, meeting up with one another.

But I feel sure most Wirral people are happy to welcome them here, when they are prepared to travel such long distances to contribute to the success of a very unique event.

You complain about noise and pollution.

It would be very interesting to know whether you, yourself, are inconvenienced by the bikers or whether, as I suspect, you do not even live within earshot of the designated Egg Run route.

Mrs M J Brooke