I AM getting increasingly annoyed with all these articles about nurses "not caring like they used to".

Can they not realise that 20 years ago the NHS was at its best?

Never had any staff shortages, hospitals were not cutting beds thus putting more pressure on staff to perform and staff had amazing working environments.

Now we are working in an NHS which is essentially broke, cuts are being made everywhere.

We don't even get milk in our staff room for a cup of tea.

We often work without breaks and take abuse, even take threats of harm from patients and families and why?


If we didn't we wouldn't be in this job.

However, unfortunately, the conditions under which we are working at the moment makes it very stressful and hard to perform 110% all of the time.

But I think I can speak on behalf of all my colleagues, nurses, doctors, our hard-working porters and security staff, we give it our all, we give it our best, because we care about our amazing health system and especially our patients


Angry emergency nurse.

Name and address supplied.