I WRITE in complete disappointment that R Peters has emailed such a terrible letter.

The Wirral Egg run has been a huge success since 1981, and has grown bigger and bigger every year.

Each year it helps to change the lives of many children throughout Wirral.

Not only do the chocolate eggs bring a smile to a sick child, but the money raised is used to help purchase specialist equipment for babies and children in hospital.

I have family members who are in full support of this by actually doing the Egg Run and, as for myself, I work in the neo-natal unit at Arrowe Park Hospital where this is a very important day on the social calendar.

It is of huge benefit to the sick and premature babies that are treated there.

So I suggest to R Peters that you mark this momentous day on your social calendar and you re-arrange your plans for a little later that day or stay indoors.

How someone can actually be so selfish and insensitive is beyond belief!

I would appreciate this being published as it is of huge importance that we get as much support as possible.

Name and address supplied