I WISH to pay a big thank-you to the kind people who helped me when I tripped up on the pavement outside the key cutting shop in Wallasey Village on Wednesday, January 9.

The shopkeeper saw me fall and brought a chair for me and a kind lady called Gail was by my side and called an ambulance.

The lady in the shop gave me a clean cloth to hold against my forehead and a family in a car stopped and gave me a blanket to keep me warm.

The gentleman also took my car keys and very kindly fetched my husband.

Paramedics were in the area and stopped the bleeding until the ambulance arrived.

Gail was prepared to come with me in the ambulance but my husband arrived in time to follow me to Arrowe Park where I was very well looked after. I was stitched up by a lovely nurse.

My black eye is subsiding and the stitches will be gone soon – the kindness lasts forever.

What a great example of human kindness there is here in Wirral. Thankyou very much.

Robin Jones, Wallasey