IF I say National Service and Royal Air Force, many of your readers will show an interest.

First introduced during the Second World War, it was introduced again in1947 when other conflicts were brewing such as Korea, Suez, Cyprus and Aden.

Many served in the the 1950s during the Cold War in Germany.

No doubt there are many of your readers who are some of the thousands of men who served at sometime or other as electricians, engine mechanics, cooks, air frame fitters, radio and radar mechanics and operators.

Who did they serve with? Would they like to meet up with some of their old comrades?

There is now an association standing by to reunite them with their old service pals, as others have found out.

On Monday, January 28 a branch of the Nation Service (RAF)A will have its inaugural meeting at the Hooton Hotel in Hooton, alongside the Mersey Rail Hooton Station.

The meeting starts at 11.30am. Interested? Then call me on on 0151 645 2883.

Jim Bradshaw,
by email