I AM an avid reader of the Globe, and every time I come to visit my daughter she always has a copy for me.

I never get upset with anything as a rule in your Mailbox, but on this occasion I did.

It was in relation to the adverse comment made by M Brown of Meols, who is tired of the noise, fumes, expense, congestion etc of the fantastic Egg Run motor bikers who give their time freely and willingly so that children can receive Easter eggs in hospitals.

May I suggest next year that M Brown of Meols keeps her windows and door shut, and maybe invest in some ear muffs, so that these fantastic people can carry on taking their donations of eggs at source therefore not being scuppered by bureaucracy, thereby the children receive full Easter eggs and not half going to the Government etc.

Also well done to S Kirby and friends of Wallasey who are part of this wonderful Egg Run - U salute you all.

Janet Kane, Spain, by email.