I AM writing this letter for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate the mindless scum who decided, on Christmas Eve, to smash two windows on our car and then steal my four children's Christmas presents.

That includes a 17-month-old baby girl's presents, a seven-year-old's presents and nine and 12-year-old's presents.

They must be really proud of themselves and I hope they read this letter.

That's if they can read, because low-life morons like this know only one way to earn a living, that is to perpetrate such crime instead of getting an honest job like everyone else.

Secondly, I have witnessed both ends of the spectrum of society, because I am also writing to thank and show our gratitude and appreciation to our neighbours in St Andrew's Road, Bebington.

The generosity, kindness and support they have shared towards our children is immeasurable.

I cannot thank them enough.

They have been fantastic.

As well as a big thank you to people from social network site Facebook and complete strangers who have also been completely generous beyond compare with their presents and gifts.

I just hope the people who committed this hideous crime sleep well at night.

Philip Ellison,