I WOULD just like to say that around this time of year everyone is very busy with visiting friends and family and attending various functions and maybe in a bit more of a rush than usual.

I would like to urge drivers to be aware of bikes.

In the last week I have had several close encounters on my motorbike with drivers just not paying attention. 

Bikes are spread more thinly on the ground this time of year as the summer is more ideal for our mode of transport but for a lot of us this is are only way of getting to and from work etc.

I am a care worker and as a result travel ten miles from Wallasey to Pensby regularly in the week right through Christmas and new year and a select few just do not take into account how vulnerable we are on the roads this time of year. 

The main things you tend to see are drivers not judging your speed and thinking they can pull out before you get there, drivers sitting on your back wheel in bad weather as you have to ride a lot more cautiously into bends etc and yes the old favourite opening car doors in front of you in narrow roads without checking their door mirrors or rear-view.

Please look out for us.

And yes, I am aware not all bikers ride cautiously or responsibly I passed my driving test ten years ago and have experience on four wheels as well so am not bias and against drivers.

Neil Sanders,