I HAVE in the last week damaged my muscle and ligaments in my left leg, although normally I am active and fit at 65 years old.

Unable to drive at the moment and still in some pain moving my leg, I have had to get taxis on five separate occasions this week. I have been "stunned" at the unhelpfulness of drivers.

I have told the operator in advance that I will be slow getting in and out of the car and walking to it.

Each driver has stayed sitting in his seat; hardly looked at me and four of them just moaned about their jobs.

Nobody opened the door for me and one man "tutted" as I struggled to get my leg in to the car with minimum pain.

I stupidly gave them a tip  although now I am sorry I did.

It seems to be a habit to give drivers a tip for taking us somewhere rather than for the service they give.

I feel sorry for people who permanently rely on taxis. I'm sure not all drivers are like this; at least I pray they are not.

CW by email.