I HAVE just filled out the Wirral Council form on their website to let them know what cuts I think are acceptable.

I was shocked and appalled to see that there was absolutely no mention of cutting back on the number of CCTV cameras appearing across the borough!

Considering that it has been proven again and again, in study after study, that CCTV cameras do not reduce crime but only displace it; it is a mystery to me why the continued proliferation of these cameras has not been top off the list of things to cut?

Just how much is it costing to install these intimidating cameras mounted on their black poles? And how much are the ongoing maintenance charges?

And who, if anybody, is actually monitoring these cameras and how much does their monitoring cost?

CCTV does not make me feel safe, rather it makes me feel as if I am being watched because I am mistrusted.

It also wouldn't surprise me if the number of intrusive cameras now appearing seemingly everywhere has a dramatic adverse affect upon much needed tourism to our area.

After all who would want to go on holiday to a place where you are so mistrusted you are constantly filmed?

Please could you publish this letter so that the use of Wirral CCTV can finally be brought to the discussion about cuts because

I think that it is appalling that good hardworking men and women, providing valuable council services, can be facing redundancy while the so-called security industry continue to receive funding to build their secret spy network.

PT Cartlidge by email.