I HAD the misfortune to be injured in a road traffic accident recently.

I broke my left tibia and fibula. Also my right collar bone.

I was surprised to be told that I would be taken to The Royal Liverpool hospital. It was explained to me that my injuries were such that Arrowe Park could not treat me.

At the Royal, I underwent two operations and was an inpatient for ten days. The staff were all excellent, the treatment first-class.

On my discharge I was given an appointment to attend Arrowe Park Hospital physiotherapy.

Due to my condition an ambulance was arranged to take me. On the morning a car arrived. I was unable to get into it and an alternative appointment was made for me to attend the following week.

At Arrowe I was seen by a physiotherapist and as a result of his help I have made a vast improvement and was eagerly awaiting my next appointment and, again, an ambulance was arranged. But sadly no transport arrived and I was unable to attend the hospital.

Another appointment has been arranged and I am wondering if the ambulance will arrive.

I desperately want to get well and return to work but I think that my lack of physiotherapy will only prolong my return to fitness.

All the excellent work done by the Royal and at Arrowe is being undermined by the lack of transport.

I would like to know if any more of your readers have had problems with the transport arrangements to attend clinics at Arrowe Park Hospital?

James Mccosh, Thingwall