YESTERDAY was my grandma Lilian Prendiville’s 91st birthday.

Unfortunately she has been quite unwell and has been in Ward 34 at Arrowe Park Hospital.

I went to Arrowe to visit yesterday. During the visiting around 10 to 15 nurses came over to gran’s bed singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and carrying a GIANT cake!

It was just such a lovely, kind thing to do. The nurses had arranged it all off their own backs, nothing to do with the family.

I thought in this day and age where all we hear is doom and gloom of our NHS and elderly folk being treated badly that I would write in and tell everyone about these wonderful caring people.

My gran was thrilled to bits with her cake and everyone in her bit of Ward 34 got a piece, patients, staff and visitors.

I have no worries about my gran being looked after on Ward 34 and I’m sure the rest of Arrowe Park staff are just as thoughtful.

Thank you all so very much. You made an old lady very happy.

Eleri Clare King by email