WHEN I returned to my car in the free car park at Arrowe Park recently I noticed the car park was very busy so I tried to leave as soon as I could to let someone else park.

I noticed as I was about to pull out that a pale green Vauxhall Corsa had stopped opposite and a respectable looking, middle-aged woman got out.

I thought she was helping her husband reverse but to my absolute horror I saw her go over to a space filled with a white motorbike and she tried to push it forwards off its stand, I couldn't believe my eyes!

She couldn't move it so decided to push it repeatedly and almost knocked it over.

I got out of my car, told her husband to stop his car as he was trying to reverse into the space.

I asked her what she thought she was doing to which she replied that it was none of my business.

I pointed out that she had almost knocked over quite a heavy bike and had it fallen it would have certainly done a lot of damage as it would have landed on a metal bar at the back of the parking space.

She was very rude and kept insisting it was none of my business as it was not my bike.

She couldn't seem to grasp the fact that as a concerned citizen, I couldn't let her wilfully damage someone else's property and as I pointed out to her she wouldn't like me to ignore it if someone was attempting to damage her property.

In this day and age you hear about youngsters with no respect and vandalising property.

This time it was a woman in her late-50s attempting to deliberately cause damage, and a woman in her 20s stopping her.

Pity I didn't get their registration as I would have passed it on to security.

Fiona Douglas,