ALTHOUGH of a different political persuasion to Frank Field, I have always admired his principled stand on issues that do not always adhere to the party line.

However, Frank seems to come from a group of Anglicans determined to foster schism within the Church of England over matters such as the appointment of women Bishops and gay marriages in church.

Come on Frank give the Church of England a break. It's probably the most open and inclusive of all the religions practiced in the UK and encompasses women clergy, gay priests, evangelicals and traditionalists.

For the last 500 years it has provided the cultural basis for our nation, and with a few exceptions, has been a force for good in spreading a global liberal, democratic and tolerant attitude, that has defined who we are and what deep social and cultural values collectively define us.

You don't have to be a practising Anglican to be an inheritor of this legacy of tolerance - our attitudes to charity, welfare, justice and fairplay are wonderful gifts we owe in part, to the political, social and religious benevolence of the establishment religion, the Church of England.

There are far greater social evils within our midst. Why is Frank so determined to have the Government legislate to force the good old C of E to adopt women bishops.

Whether it's women Bishops, gay clergy or gay marriage - we all know that these are contentious matters of conviction.

Is it worth damaging further the unity of the church for views that in a global sense are certainly in the minority.
Les Spencer,
Saughall Massie.