I HAVE just come home from a visit to my local chemist at Parkfield Medical Centre in New Ferry and am still in shock by what happened.

I was waiting to pull into a disabled parking space, which was taking a minute or so to allow an already parked car to drive out of the space.

My sister started to get out of the vehicle, she is on crutches she can't move as quickly as other 40 year olds, when a driver pulled up behind us and started to blast her car horn, wanting me to move.

Then she started to hurl abuse at my sister, calling her "selfish".

As she pulled out of the car park she started shouting at us, accusing us of being "benefits claimants".

I think her point was that all disabled people are living on benefits and are the lowest on earth.

My sister has had major back surgery and has very limited mobility. To be abused in this way is a disgrace.

I cannot believe anybody can behave like that towards another human being.

Believe me, if I knew her licence number I would have put it in this letter to embarrass her.

Laura Jardine by email.