AS A citizen of Greasby, and a member of the local community, I write to ask how it is possible that despite the wishes of the people of Greasby that the Red Cat car park can be sold for the building of a Sainsbury Local?

We are not against the building of new outlets but as has been made clear throughout the application, why a supermarket?

Sainsbury's have a super store approximately one-mile up the road, this is nothing more than them making sure that the opposition don't get in before them.

As I am sure readers are aware, in Greasby there are more than enough shops owned both by local people and national organisations that are supported by the community.

I am incredulous as to how politicians can expect anyone to have any faith or confidence in them or any other local representative of any party regardless as to whether you're a local councillor or Member of Parliament.

Our Prime Minister urges us to get involved and support your local community and our reward is to be ignored and for us to yet again see that big money by a national company takes precedence over our needs and wishes.

P R Williams,