OVERNIGHT on December 23/24, while I was at work, and everyone at home was asleep, our shed was burgled and all the presents we had hidden there for our six children, aged 23, 21, 14, 11, eight and six, were stolen, worth well over £1,000.

The police never bothered to attend or call to speak to us, even after we then witnessed another robbery of a garage behind our house two nights later!

The people of Wallasey however, were incredible.

I put a post on Wallasey Gossip on Facebook, just asking people to keep their eyes and ears peeled for anybody selling them on, and just to make them aware so they could protect their own property.

I was inundated with offers of help, from people offering to send money, or bring gifts round etc.

We didn't accept any offers of help, but are eternally grateful for all those kind offers nonetheless.

Somebody found one of the larger gifts that had been dumped as it was too heavy to carry, and brought it back to me, and a neighbour gave away some of her own children's gifts to mine.

We prioritised sorting out the youngest two as they still believe in Santa and would have been devastated to have received nothing, which is what would have happened.

In the end, my husband spent the entire day dashing round the shops replacing as much as he could for them, spending money on our credit card we can barely afford.

I had worked extra shifts for months so we didn't need to use credit this Christmas, and we were proud of that!

My older children got nothing, my eldest even lost a day's pay as he had to take the day off work to help his dad.

They have all been incredible and understanding, and a rock to one another.

I have never been more proud of my family.

My six and eight-year-old knew no difference Christmas morning and had a fantastic day still, and we are so lucky.

The rest of us, while still in shock, made the best of it for them.

The generosity shown to our family since has more than restored our faith, people are so kind, we will be forever grateful.

Just wanted to let you know how fantastic your readers are.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone x

Anne Collins by email