HAVING written to Kingdom Services Group, who issue fines for litter dropping etc, I received a most polite response from them by phone and letter.

I wrote to complain about the horrendous amount of rubbish in Birkenhead Park.

I took photos of containers being eaten by wild birds and the fact that, on a daily basis, I pick up around 30 to 40 pieces of rubbish - often by students The abuse I get when I reprimand them ... I am 67.

Kingdom promised to address the matter.

I have a noticed a 99% improvement already and hope it is because they have actually addressed this problem.

Yesterday, I only picked up three items of rubbish.

So if it is because of Kingdom, well done.

I am most grateful to you and, more importantly, the wildlife is. Let’s make Wirral litter-free.

Mrs J Williams, Prenton.