YOU announce the appointment of a Tsar "for fairness and social justice."

One assumes that this is not an innovation and that Tsars are already exercising other particular functions.

The designation "Tsar" suggests they each would have an entourage, a court with acolytes and functionaries.

Does each have a secretariat, professional minders, special advisors?

Will there be room for a court philosopher to initiate discussions perhaps, of the concepts of fairness and justice?

There must be examples of public life in the borough benefitting notably from the ideas and practical proposals of existing Tsars?

May we hear of some examples?

The photograph on your letters page shows a Birkenhead dock scene. It suggests forcefully that some original thinking is called for on the borough's tourist / heritage front.

You note the tranquillity of the scene.

One could call it "emptiness."

Is there ever any activity on the water?

Not even a single moored leisure craft.

Is a Birkenhead marina out of the question?

Riverside Birkenhead offers views of the Unesco-rated Liverpool waterfront that are nowhere bettered.

What, as a borough, do make of this asset?

Do we offer visitors any reason for getting off the ferry or train to have an interesting and enjoyable few hours here?

We have so much to offer.

Patrick Dowling by email