REGARDING the letter Government rejects plea for enquiry on fire station (Mailbox, August 23).

I am most concerned that despite massive public objection to moving Upton fire station a mile down the road, the secretary of state, Sajid Javid, has 'abandoned' Wirral.

What hope for local democracy when the checks and balances are no longer applied by Westminster?

Surely our opposition councillors must act?

What is the next area of the Green Belt planned for destruction by bodies in league with Wirral Council – first the Warrens Health Centre at Thingwall and now this fire station?

There are other issues raised...

Cllr Hanratty must have realised that moving a mile closer to West Kirby means he has moved the fire station a mile further away from Upton, Woodchurch and Arrowe Park, historically areas of greater risk.

Hopefully no one there lives to regret his decision.

Cllr Hanratty seems to have forgotten the fire service's drive to have effective smoke detectors installed in properties.

Then the occupants can escape in the first two minutes of a fire before suffering smoke inhalation, as demonstrated in the service's own safety video.

Wasn't the slogan "Get out , stay out, phone the Fire Brigade"?

Surely we should expect Cllr Hanratty to publicly commit the funds from cashing in West Kirby and Upton stations to be spent on ensuring all properties are have suitable, effective alarms.

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