I AM writing this letter to request that people stop speeding in their cars in residential areas, namely, Shrewsbury Drive in Upton, where my family live.

My house is near the bend with Hilary Drive, and I have nearly been hit a few times while trying to back my car out.

Our beloved eight-year-old cat Kitty was hit by a vehicle last Monday night / early Tuesday morning.

This was the verdict of Upton Vets, who could not save him, despite their expertise kindness and care.

He had dragged himself home, after being hit, with a damaged pelvis and two paralysed back legs.

I found him in a distressed state under a bush in the garden after searching for him.

He had to be put to sleep.

This could have been avoided.

Please slow down.

It could be a child or an elderly person next time.

Ms Lana Ghaerni, Upton.