TRUMP'S latest dramatic U-turn on the war in Afghanistan illustrates an administration in chaos and deep crisis.

He ran for the Presidency pledging to end US occupation of the country, first begun with invasion in October, 2001.

Now he promises to increase US troop deployment by at least 4,000 and unleash yet more bloodshed and violence on this long-suffering Asian country.

It is conservatively estimated that 175,000 people have died since the US/British invasion in 2001, with countless more maimed and injured.

Trump's regime is now effectively run by the military and Wall Street plutocrats, who are pulling all the strings.

If the US has not succeeded in crushing Taliban resistance in Afghanistan in 16 years, it will not do so now.

In fact, more US troops will make the situation in the country even worse, encouraging popular support for the Taliban as 'Freedom Fighters' against foreign invaders.

James Roberts,