I HAVE lived in Hoylake for more than 21 years and find it a very nice and friendly place to live.

The beach is a delight during the sunny days and my dogs enjoy their walks there each day, meeting new doggy friends, not to mention myself meeting new people.

However, I am getting more and more concerned about the growth of plants and weeds on the beach.

Why can't the council clear the plants off the beach?

Are we going to have a beach area like Parkgate?

It is not what the local residents want.

There was a time when the local lifeboat crew went out and dug up the small plants, but they are now getting too big that it will need industrial machinery to rectify the problem.

I call on the council to address this situation, as a matter of urgency, so that we do not lose the lovely beach at Hoylake and, just as importantly, lose the tourists who come to visit the area.

There will be a knock-on effect for the sand-yachting groups who regularly visit the beach for their competitions.

I hope somebody from the council reads this and takes action to preserve the ideal beach front we have in Hoylake.

G Carlson, Hoylake