IF you ever needed a perfect example of why people should not vote labour to run our countries finances or be in office look no further than Kingsway academy.

Labour's finance initiative, or PFIs as they're known, are coming home to roost.

These contracts are a licence to print money from the taxpayer.

Let's put this into perspective, Labour built two hospitals costing £11bn, which will cost £70bn to pay back.

We are now paying £1bn a year on interest payments alone for this.

Angela Eagle wanted the government to put another £100m into the NHS.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking and now she wants the current Government to pay for the future costs of Kingsway academy debts = that means me and you the taxpayer.

The costs must be staggering any students who voted for Corbyn's free tuition fees were sadly cheated, because even though Corbyn said he would borrow £250bn in this parliament if elected and the same amount in the next parliament.

Mike Holt, Moreton