I WISH to reply to letter writer Gabriel Pepper (Mailbox, May 31) in which he states he is very happy with the public service in Wirral and goes on to state Jeremy Corbyn is the man to protect those services.

Mr Pepper forgets Jeremy Corbyn attending meetings with Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness when the Irish troubles were in place and British people were being killed.

He also forgets Mr Corbyn has attended many Communist meetings, and had talks with Hamas.

The Tory Party were the party that gave people the right to be their council homes, brought income tax to its lowest in years, and will protect this country with Trident, another thing Jeremy Corbyn is reluctant on.

I live in Birkenhead in a modest home and a modest income but I can't agree with Gabriel Pepper's beliefs.

Leonard Griffiths, Birkenhead.