WHY, when the Government is saying we need thousands of new homes to accommodate the population, is Wirral Council hounding private landlords?

Following a visit to my property by a council official late last year, I am now faced with a bill of tens of thousands of pounds.

I have been ordered to get both fire safety and structural engineer reports costing £500 each.

I have always considered myself a good landlord carrying out any repairs swiftly to keep my property in good repair.

And I agree some of the fire precautions advised are a good idea, and many of them were already in place.

But being told by the council if things they want are not being done within three months they will send in their workers and charge me and then fine me £15,000 for non-compliance, this is just not fair.

I am seriously thinking of evicting my tenants and leaving the property empty – two more homes off the housing market.

Name and address supplied.