REGARDING your online article headlined Council 'People Committee' broken up in bid to improve Wirral’s inadequate child safeguarding.

At last the penny has dropped.

The shortcuts taken four years ago failed the children.

The scrutiny system Labour foisted on the council did not cope.

It was simply not up to the weight of responsibility needed for effective work.

Back in April, 2013, objecting to the reduction in scrutiny committees, we said: "Council considers that the proposed format for council meetings provides insufficient time for debate.

"The process proposed for questioning cabinet members and consideration of the answers is insufficient to hold them to account".

The proposed scrutiny arrangements, with only three policy and performance committees, fail to provide sufficient opportunities for effective scrutiny.

The constituency committees, though intended to provide a replacement for the area forums, cover areas that are too large for effective public participation.

Cllr Phil Gilchrist, Lib/Dem group leader