FURTHER to the recent council parking proposals and money-grabbing activities of this council, I would warn residents about the heads-I-win, tails-you-lose generosity of the council tax legislation department.

If you are selling a property on behalf of a deceased relative you are allowed six months' council tax free and the clock starts ticking from the date of probate being granted.

However, if you are renting the property to pay for care home fees and your tenant cannot leave immediately then you forfeit that six months on a pro-rata basis.

So the only person to benefit from your relative's death is the council; once by collecting tax from the tenant and secondly by not having to give you six months' allowance.

Why should you have to pay council tax on an empty property you are selling for the deceased owner when it is not occupied?

The council has yet to explain what benefit to the community charging for parking at our country parks will be apart from boosting their coffers.

If they want to save money they should look closer to home for efficiency savings by not lending our money to other councils, stop printing illegal newspapers, reducing the number of councillors, not creating £350-a- day non-jobs and cutting back on bloated salaries of executives.

IW, Greasby, by email