I WOULD like to ask your readers' opinions on why do we have to leave our wheelie bins at kerbsides outside our homes for easy access for bin men to collect.

I leave my bin at the kerbside for collection and the bin men empty my waste and place my bin almost two doors away from my home – simply because the wagon barely stops before it moves on.

Is it too much to ask if the bins be returned back to where they are collected from?

I am aged in my 80s and my late husband was coming up to 90 when I had to stop him going down the street to retrieve our bin.

We all pay council tax for our bins to be emptied and if we suddenly had a fall of snow I dread to think how dangerous it would become to drag our bins back to our premises.

My sister is also aged in her 80s and her bins have to be placed at the alleyway entrance and brought back later over cobblestones as the bin men don't take them to the back doors.

Come on, bin men - I'm sure you wouldn’t treat your own parents in this way.

I might just as well wait at the wagon and bring my own bin back.

'Fed-up pensioner',

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