MILLIONS of e-cigarettes are now being sold.

They can help smokers cut their habit by meeting the craving for nicotine without the use of tobacco that is so damaging to health.

Only water vapour is exhaled, not smelly smoke.

However, the content of e-cigarettes varies and their sale is unregulated.

There are concerns that they could provide a new means of introducing young people to smoking.

Nicotine is highly addictive, and proposals now before the European Parliament would severely restrict the amount that can be included within an e-cigarette.

Maybe this would be sensible, but maybe it would reduce their value as an alternative to smoking.

Votes are due before long, and as the Liberal Democrat spokesman on public health I would welcome the views of readers who have personal or professional experience.

Should the sale of e-cigarettes be allowed in newsagents and garages or only in pharmacies?

Should flavouring be permitted?

I can be contacted by email at or at the address on my website.

Chris Davies, Liberal Democrat MEP for the North West.