A WIRRAL Muay Thai boxing club has returned from Jersey with four champions.

The fighters from Mersey Thai in Tranmere took on the local favourites from Blood Fitness at the Jersey Opera House last weekend.

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and is known as the art of eight limbs because knees, elbows, legs and fists are all used to deliver blows when fighting.

Club spokeswoman Laura Baugh said: “It’s been fantastic with five of them going to compete and four to come away as winners is absolutely fantastic.

“There’s a great support system for the club with three of them just 16-years-old they are always there for each other through everything. They all know the sacrifices each of them has to make too – they miss parties, going out with their mates so it shows their dedication for the sport and each other.

“They’re committed to training but only do that three times a week which is hard as their opponents are most of the times from gyms that are open all the time.

“As we’re voluntary we only open on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday so the fact that we came back victorious against people who are training constantly it gives them a big boost. They all work so hard.”

One fighter, Rowan Baxter, 16, dedicated his win to his school friend, Connor Smith who died following a road accident in Rock Ferry last month.

“Rowan came in after he found out about Connor’s death and was very quiet but kept his focus on training. The day we flew out to Jersey it was Connor’s funeral and Rowan felt really bad for not going. He dedicated his win to Connor.

“One spectator said that if there was an award for the fight of the night then Rowan should have got it – he really wanted to do this for his friend and make him proud."

The only female fighter Rhiannon Cruice-Woods, 16, didn’t get the decision she wanted but proved herself before her older and taller opponent.

“They’re put into weight categories when they competed so what happened was that her weight had changed so she was put against a 25-year-old so the referee was told beforehand. 

"Rhiannon had to wear extra padding to protect herself against her opponent due to the age and height difference."

“She’s been with us for up to three years now and has had time off for school and so for her to have come back the way she did was pretty amazing.”

Other fighters Mike Dane, Denbigh Hobbs and Barryjohn Williams also fought a great battle against their Jersey opponents to come home victorious.

To join Mersey Thai go along to a session at their gym in Merseypark and for more information visit https://www.facebook.com/Mersey-Thai-135896559801262/