TRANMERE Rovers first team kick off training for their new season tomorrow.

The League Two squad's new season starts off on August 9 and manager Rob Edwards says it’s vital the start training in decent shape.

He told the club’s website: "We've got three days training before a weekend off. It’s going to be three steady days with a lot of ball work, a lot of technical drills and some football specific running, not too long – a maximum of four minute runs.

"There will be lots of football but I want them to get through the first three days unscathed.

"We haven’t got a big squad so it’s important they go steady. I think the stress of coming back, whether its to a new club or the club you were already at, can be a bit dangerous and you can get a lot of injuries in pre-season, so I need to keep the lads nice and relaxed.

“Then we’ll gradually crank it up next week. They’ll have a pattern of two or three days then a recovery day and our games then start the following week.

“It’s important the players come back in good shape and if they’re not, and I see that over the training sessions, then I won’t let them play in the games and we’ll have to use the youth team players. If you’re not up to a certain level of fitness you’re wasting your time.

“It’s a bit odd to be back training when the World Cup is still going on but I’m sure it’s something the lads are all watching and enjoying and it’s something that will focus their minds on football.”