DESPITE all the rain that had fallen during the week the greens in Birkenhead Park were in excellent condition for the Flyers Tournament on Sunday.

At the end of a long morning's play it was West Kirby's Bill Atkinson who took the top prize beating Tixall's Mick Andrews in a really good final.

To reach the final Atkinson had an excellent win in the quarter finals against the points leader Ray Lynch of Tixall's and he followed this with a win over Great Float's John Joy.

Andrews had a real battle in his quarter final match against Lever’s Colin Portis, Andrews coming back at the very end of the game to scrape home 21-20.

He then followed this with a more straightforward victory over Dougie Briscoe, who now plays his summer bowls in North Wales.

In the final Atkinson took an early lead and, despite Andrew’s best efforts, he managed to hold on to this slight advantage.


Quarters: W Atkinson, 21, R Lynch, 10; J Joy 21; E Dut- ton 12; M Andrews 21, C Portis, 20; D Briscoe 21, P. McGhee,15.

Semi-finals: Atkinson 21, Joy 11; Andrews 21, Briscoe 10. Final: Atkinson 21, Andrews 18.